Level 2 – Improver’s Art Course

Course content: Techniques, skills, theory, methods and materials

Our improver’s art course consists of approximately 30 hours of study and involves a number of assignments made up of carefully structured, practical drawing or painting projects.

Aimed at those individuals with some experience in drawing and painting, the Level 2 leisure art class is an extension of the Level 1 course.

Step-by-step assignments in Level 2, will build on and improve your knowledge of drawing and painting and further develop your visual skills. You will begin to develop your own creative pathway while still extending your fundamental drawing and painting skills and techniques.

Art class assignments in Level 2 have five main aims that will introduce the way that artists fundamentally function using:

  • The eye – how artists perceive the world through observations and memory (eg Monet, Renoir)
  • The mind – a formal, analytical approach to painting and drawing that gives an impression of our thoughts and ideas (eg Cezanne, Seurat)
  • The heart – an emotive, intuitive and expressive approach to drawing and painting that allows artists to instinctively express feelings through observations and imagination (eg Van Gogh, Munch)
  • Techiques, skills, theory and materials – expanding on the traditional skills, techniques, theories and experimental approaches to painting and drawing using a variety of materials
  • Context – placing all aspects of this programme into historical and contemporary art context.

At the end of Level 2 leisure art classes, you will have the ability to choose your own artistic direction, which can be further developed in Level 3.

Course Costs

Level 2 in the leisure art course, costs only £148.00 and includes personal tuition and feedback from Peter Stanyer, our experienced art tutor.

Enrol on our improver painting and drawing course

To sign up for Level 2 of the leisure art classes and benefit from Stan’s expert art class tuition, enrol online now; call Stan on + 44 (0) 1422 292071 or email stan@drawandpaintonline.co.uk.

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