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If you’re thinking of signing up for one of our art courses , then read the thoughts and comments of Stan’s existing and former students.

After all, they are the best people to judge the quality of the drawing and painting courses on offer.

 I was very lucky to have found Stan online to help me work on a Portfolio 6 months ago. After deciding I wanted to go to university after 4 years of being away, I had no work to show and no idea where to begin. We started working from beginning stages right through to concentrating on the area of art I wanted to study, Interior Design. Stan knew exactly what my universities wanted to see from me and we managed to create a pile of work that showed my skills and personality.
I applied to two Universities and just the other day got offered a place at my first choice Chelsea College of Arts for an Fda in Interior Design.
I am very excited and grateful to Draw and paint online for offering such a great service.
Thank you Stan, could not have got this far without your help.

Nikita Terry

I was approaching my final year at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Illustration with Animation and felt I needed a different approach to teaching to what I was receiving at the university. So I started having regular tutorials with Peter Stanyer (Stan) in August 2016.
Throughout our tutorials Stan gave me valuable criticism and introduced me to artists that have inspired and impacted my work. Not only has Stan been a superb teacher he has also been a supportive and caring mentor. In January 2017, after Stan had been teaching me for six months, Stan approached me and suggested I should apply to the Royal College Of Art. At the time I had no confidence in my work and didn’t think I ever had any chance of getting an interview at the RCA, never mind a place! But Stan still pushed me on, helping me with my portfolio and giving me advice on the interview process.
I will be attending the Royal College of Art in London this October to study Visual Communication (Illustration) MA. Without Stan’s guidance and teaching I wouldn’t be going to the number one art school in the world.

I cannot express how much Stan has changed my life and work. Throughout my years in education I have never experienced a more passionate and knowledgeable teacher than Stan, not only is he an immensely talented artist but also a very kind and caring person. I will remain in contact with Stan and will always remember him as the man who saw something in me that no one else did. Thank you so much Stan, I cannot recommend you enough. Thanks again

Georgina Marshall 

Stan your online course has been a great help. Our daughter was regularly told that her analytical drawing skills were a weakness so she took your course over the summer before starting on her foundation programme and apparently now she is the best at drawing on the course. You have made a huge difference not just to her drawing but also her chances of succeeding in the future and most of all to her self-esteem. Your feedback was always prompt and delivered as positive criticism. Thanks for being supportive and invested in students you never even get to meet.

Lorna Mansell

I wasn’t expecting much from an online art course but I have been greatly impressed. I had a few basic skills which are now developing rapidly! Ive managed to sell some pieces already. The course has taught me to think outside the box which has had a great impact on my confidence. Moreover though, I have been able to enjoy great flexibility which has been badly needed due to other commitments in my life. I whole heartedly recommend Stan if your considering an online art course that is value for money…you cant go wrong!!!

Lorraine Parry

I have just finished assignment 4 of the beginners art course and have so far found the course extremely informative and helpful.

The assignments are set out clearly and show good examples and ideas for completing each exercise.

Stans comments are positive and constructive and help point you in the right direction and give you confidence.

The course is great for me as there are no time limits on each assignment and as I am self employed and work full time i can take

 my time without feeling as if i need to meet a deadline.  Looking forward to starting assignment 5

Steve Davies

I’m sending these (drawings) from Hanoi, Vietnam.

I was so keen to complete the Exercise before coming here and to be truthful, most it it has been done hastily, at work. I’ve had a bit of a fraught weekend but one good thing to come out of it all, is that my daughter wants to do the same (Draw and Paint Online course) – so, my Christmas pressie to her and she did A level art lol !! I’ll sort out paying nearer the time.

I know my tone/shade isn’t great but I’ve learnt simple things like how you hold your pencil counts- especially for continuity of tone, depth etc. Pressure applied.

I’ve actually made random cube samples very roughly to try to imagine cutting into them and imagined cutting into an orange for the circle shape.

I enjoy drawing with my ruler and re- learnt ” fairly” accurate measuring.

I really enjoyed looking at Legers’ work and it did inspire me in my head and tried to demonstrate that on paper.

Felt tip pens don’t rub out!

Felt tip pens look scraggly

Love the colour of felt tips.

Still learning.


Dear Stan,

I arrived in England and I will start the course next week …….. The first project is called ” the institute on last lost things”, I managed to come up with some great ideas and it’s all because I feel confident in my work thanks to you and the course. I can see inspiring things in about anything, I have been to museums again and I got tons of ideas from very random antique objects.

Please excuse me for writing to you so late, I have been busy with getting ready for university both mentally and packing wise. I am still adjusting to this lifestyle. I will have 4 courses, drawing, research and analysis , contemporary practice and historical themes in contemporary art. Seems very nice.

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and I would like to thank you in person one day if we meet.

The last negative space project turned into some many different ideas and in the end it wasn’t even about negative space anymore ………….

Thank you again for everything you have done for me and that you gave me confidence through the assignments, even if some of them were not great, they still managed to make me confident and open my mind.

Kind regards,


Hi Stan

I just had an email from Grays School of art at  Aberdeen about my interview from last week and they’re offering me a place for Contemporary art practice!

I’m so happy!

Thank you very much for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only presented the work I did with you, I have nothing else.

Grays email said ” Thank you for coming to interview at Gray’s School of Art. We very much enjoyed reviewing your portfolio and saw strong potential in your work. Your work and overall interview assessment scored highly and as a result we are very pleased to inform you that you will be offered a place on the course. Congratulations.”

The assessors were pleasantly surprised with the work I did even though it was an online course.

Thank you very much!

Best regards


Dear Stan  Sorry this has taken so long! I wanted to get a really good idea of what is expected/ the main stuff we\’re doing for the first term of Illustration degree course. It\’s nearing the end of term, and so far many of the assignments we\’ve been doing have been made much easier thanks to everything you taught me! I have a class which is completely digital, which is a bit of a challenge, but so far we\’re doing a lot of things with shapes, creating moods for backgrounds with them (we had to make landscapes that showed \’anxiety\’, \’pride\’, and \’confusion\’, for example), which I find tricky, but it\’s a lot simpler when I think about what you taught me about composition. I’ve also recommended the draw and paint online portfolio program to some of my classmates, so hopefully they\’ll remember and enrol soon enough. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate everything you have taught me, and it\’s all been really helpful in preparing me for this program! Thank you so much!  Petranella

Dear Stan, Today, the British council organised an university fair and the only art university there was UCA ( University for the creative arts). I wanted to go and get some feedback on some of the works I have done so far and get some tips for the interview.

They have offered me a place for the Fine Art course on the spot. They said the works are great and wanted to offer me the place directly without any application. They gave a signed paper and I just have to pass my end of year exams.

What do you think? I was really happy, it means a lot and I quite like the course. Should I apply to some other universities in London? The course is in Farnham/ Canterbury, I can chose between these two. Do you think this course would suit my style?

I also want to thank you for everything, I would not be here without your help and this course.

I feel a little more relaxed now and I can’t wait to start working on the negative space project.

Kind regards,  Catinca

Hi Stan,
Thank you for the positive critiques. I am more inspired to do more practice and work. I will keep in mind to work something from a real landscape to better my observation and recording skills. I am excited and looking forward to accomplishing my next assignments.
Thank you so much!!  Annjanette

“I started this course 4 weeks ago and I am enjoying it immensely. I have already learned more about art in these 4 weeks than in the whole of the 2-year Art Foundation Course at college. The teaching notes are instructive and really valuable. It is an advantage to such and excellent personal tutor and I found Stan’s critiques so positive and above all so encouraging. This gives me an incentive to continue and to look forward to each Assignment. This on-line course is certainly worth every penny.”

Joan Edwards.

“I really enjoyed the Portfolio Preparation course with Stan. He gives you just the right amount of structure to get you going in the right direction so you can make the most of the assignment. The format/delivery of the course really worked for me too so I could fit in a lot of projects in and around my very busy schedule; I was able to do the work evenings and weekends in my own time. This allowed me to develop a portfolio for submission to BA painting program at a nearby London art school — and I’ve been accepted for a place on the programme. Thanks for all your help Stan!”

“I was introduced to Stan and his Artworks programme through a mentoring scheme for artists. The programme has made a profound impact on my art by pushing the boundaries of my existing art practices.
I now teach art in the beautiful setting of Asbourne(Derbyshire) to adult learners, as a result of this wonderful programme.
Note to Stan – its been an unforgetable experience!”

“I would just like to thank Stan for the excellent course I have just completed and as a result I am about to enrol on the next course.
The courses are clearly explained with good examples and prompt feedback,good direction, some complimentary and some constructive depending on how you have completed the exercise, as you would expect.
Thanks Stan for a very satisying start to the course.”
Alan Danson

“I first heard of Draw And Paint Online in a magazine article I read earlier this year. On further investigation I noticed that Stan offered a Taster Course so I applied. I have to say that it was the best tenner I have spent in a long time. Great value and it does indeed do what it says as it gave me a taste to try some more and i’m presently half way through the begginers course. The course is clearly outlined and Stan is always available for support and advice. There are no deadlines and you can do each assignment in your own time. I also like the way he provides the names of artists for suggestions as research. This means that as well as developing new skills and ideas regarding your own art you are also educating yourself and learning about different artists.
I was always drawing as a child but this only culminated in an o level in art I gained as a mature student. This was thirty years ago and until this course I had never picked up a pencil or paintbrush. It’s a great course and I’m loving every minute of it and intend to go on to the next level when I finish.”

“I’m taking the Online Leisure Art Course as I find it difficult to attend classes on a regular basis. I did well in Art at school but that was back in the nineteen sixties. Retirement has given me the opportunity to renew my interest in art and the time to develop my skill.
I searched online to find a course that suits me. I have found Stan’s approach to be most helpful. His evaluations are always very positive and constructive. In particular, I like the idea of reading the next assignment and allowing myself some time to think how best I might approach it. If I get stuck I leave it and come back with a fresh mind and forge ahead again.
As regards content, I know that there are many gaps in my knowledge, so starting at the beginning and revising all the steps is working well for me.
Like other commentators here, I find the Contextual Research notes very useful. I simply Google the recommended artist in both Images and Web to get all the background information I need.”

“My son, who is 14 years old, has just completed Part A of Stan’s Beginners Course. He is being schooled via distance education (ie home schooled) and is completing Stans’ course as a core elective unit for his grade 9 studies. The results of the art course will form part of the overall grade for the year.
I have to say that we are really pleased with the course offered by Stan, my son enjoys it and his distance education teacher is more than happy with the contribution the course is making to my son’s education.
Finally, I must point out that we live in regional Australia, and thus the course is being completed online. This has in no way detracted from my son’s ability to complete the course – the assignments are always self explanatory, and Stan always provides quick assistance even despite the time difference.
This course has proved to be the perfect solution for my son’s interest in art.
Thanks again Stan!”
Sally Vasiljevic

“I began studying the Beginner’s Online Leisure Course (following an excellent Taster Assignment) with Stan last November, and I’m enjoying it so much! I had dabbled on my own with sketching/painting previous to this, but felt I would benefit from some direction and help, which is why I was delighted to find his website.
Stan’s assignments are very clear, with step by step, easy to follow instructions and plenty of examples to help. He is very approachable and feedback is quick, positive and constructive too. I find the links for artists with each assignment really helpful and interesting, broadening my knowledge and putting the exercises into context.
I think most importantly for me, I have found that my confidence in my own ability and creativity has really grown, and the more assignments I do the hungrier I get 🙂
Another very positive feature of the course is that there’s no time pressure, so if you have a really busy week you can pick up where you left off, enjoying the whole process without worrying about missing deadlines, so it’s a total pleasure, not a chore.
As there are no suitable courses locally for me, and with relocation on the horizon for myself and my family, the online course is perfect for me!
I am delighted with the results and can highly recommend this course! Thanks Stan :)”
Alison Hirst

“Stan immediately gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to get started and to keep going. He helped me to overcome the hurdle of negative thoughts about my abilities and possibilities. Consequently I am now having so much fun and am no longer worried about experimenting or what people might think. The lessons move one forward by small logical steps so that progress is inevitable and rapid. Stan responds to emails within 24 hours and is always courteous and friendly. Frankly the price is very cheap in view of his investment both as a teacher and a person.”

“I have just completed Level 2 of Draw and Paint on Line. It has been a most enjoyable experience. There is no doubt that I have learned a great deal form this course. The 20 Assignments which arrived on line were very clear and informative. Each one carried you through step by step so you could understand and carry out each procedure in your own time – no panic about dead lines. The sample illustrations were also most helpful. Most of all I have benefitted from the professional critiques which arrived so promptly following the completion of each assignment.
Besides being practical and informative, Stan’s comments were also positive and most encouraging. My particular difficulties with collage and especially perspective were always dealt with patiently and his “well done” encouraged me to keep on trying and improving at every step. An occassional phone call to Stan also produced specific comments and suggestions as to the particular problem and left me feeling more confident and hopeful.
There is no doubt that I have learned a great deal from this course. Friends and family have remarked on this many times.
The course also widened my knowledge of Art, as Stan indicated relevant artists as he introduced new procedures or particular works and fields of study. This course would certainly benefit beginners or more experienced students and is certainly value for money.”
Joan Edwards

“Stan has been a great support to me. after being rejected from University because I didnot have a enough drawing experience (studied Access Art/Design Course)I have been attending local classes, but felt I was not learning anything.
The Taster Assignment open my eyes to mark making; I now on Assignment 1; I learning new skills; having fun; I love every task; Amazing!
A great way to learn to draw.”
Brenda Whitehead

“As a former teacher myself I truly appreciate the clear aims of the lessons and the clear instructions. From the outset you are not just copying, you are creating your own work. When you compare the cost with what you would have to pay to attend an evening class where the quality of tuition can vary, this course is excellent value for money.
I always say the day I can’t learn something new then shoot me. With this course that is not likely to happen any time soon I am learning lots and thoroughly enjoying myself.”
Jane Wardle

“When I heard that I would be living on a sugar estate in rural Vietnam for a few years I decided to take an online art course as it’s always been something that’s interested me. I found Draw and Paint Online and decided to enrol on the Beginners course. I’m slowly working my way through the assignments and am enjoying each one and learning from them. The lack of pressure and deadlines suits me as I travel quite a bit, both in Vietnam and to the UK and I like the way I can pick up again from where I left off. I’m finding all the instructions very clear and straightforward and Stan always responds very promptly when I send in my assignments, with encouragement and constructive comments. Obviously, living where I do, it would be impossible to attend any art classes so I’m very pleased I discovered Draw and Paint Online.”
Sue Hansen

“Stan taught me life drawing whilst I was doing my AS and A level art course and the experience has been amazingly valuable.
Not only did it improve my drawing skills, but also built up confidence in my own work and being experimental.
I applied for several art foundation courses this year and two degrees, all of which require a portfolio of work. Applying to art courses is incredibly competitive but I’m completely thrilled to have been offered a place everywhere I applied, including the Art foundation at Central Saint Martins and Degree courses at Glasgow school of Art and Edinburgh College of Art.
Having come from Calder High sixth form college, my A Level work was quite limited. However, when applying for the courses I got good feedback from the life drawings that I’d done with Stan and it is certain that without these my portfolio would have been considerably weaker. All Art colleges love to see life drawing in a portfolio and the life drawing class I did with Stan allowed me to get across my individuality whilst being taught many valuable techniques and skills.
I am so grateful for all the help he’s given me and would highly recommend any of his classes if you want to build a strong portfolio of work. I never expected to be offered places on my dream courses and I don’t think I would if it hadn’t been for Stan!”
Eliza Glanville

“I am positive that my art classes with Stan are the reason that I had offers from all of the Unis that I appplied for this year. These include Central St Martins, London College of Fashion and Bournemouth.
The London Art Schools in particular were extremely competitive but they both gave really positive feedback on my portfolios. Stan helped me to put these portfolios together and this help and advice has been invaluable.
I am currently studying A level art which can be restrictive but Stan encouraged me to be experimental and taught me drawing skills and techniques that are not covered in the school curriculum.I felt that this gave me an edge over other students applying straight from school as usually you would not be offered a place on a degree course(especially at the London Art colleges) without taking a foundation Art diploma first.
Stan is extremely talented and an excellent tutor and I strongly recommend him.”
Sian Kelly

“Stan has helped my daughter Sian develop in both art and self confidence.This has enabled her to achieve her dream of being offered a place at a top Art College something she probably would not have achieved without Stan’s invaluable help.
Thank you Stan.”
Maggie Wood

“Stan’s classes have unquestionably been the most enjoyable, inspiring and informative educational experience I’ve ever had. I was studying for my AS levels at school and attending several other drawing classes when I was first started Stan’s classes at Artworks.
During my time studying with Stan I have learnt more in a single weekly evening class than throughout my entire time as a student at Leeds College of Art. It was due to the work that I did with Stan that recently allowed me to gain a place (straight into the 2nd year) at the Irish School of Animation in Dublin. My portfolio consisted of both traditional anatomical studies alongside gestural expressive work. I was delighted that due to my life drawings that I had done with Stan I was fast-tracked directly onto the Animation course bypassing the first year of Drawing studies.
Stan’s understanding of drawing and art has been incredibly useful and has always helped me push my work to a standard which I never believed I had the ability to achieve. Stan has gone beyond the role of a teacher to a friend and has introduced me to professionals in the field. I cannot thank Stan enough for the help he has given me and I would highly recommend Stan’s classes to anyone who is wanting to either start out or improve their work.”
Jay Birks

“Stan is the best theacher I’ve ever worked with.
I am 16 years old and I am a student at High School of Art “N.Tonitza” , Bucharest Romania and the portofolio course was the next step for me. The course is very different from what I am used to, perhaps that is the best thing about this course and Stan’s methods. This course has helped me improve my self-confidence.
I am looking forward to every assignment; and I can now approach any assignment with confidence and I am ready to face Stan’s constructive criticism.
I’ve learned so many techniques in such a short time and every assignment presents at least one artist you can discover and use as inspiration.
I want to study in England in a few years and I think the portofolio course is the best choice I have taken and I know it lays the groundwork for becoming an/the artist.”
Catinca Malaimare

“I am part way through the first and basic art course that Stan has on offer. Since I retired from a busy work schedule and without any formal education in the art of drawing and painting I have dabbled with it for a number of years. Stan’s prompt, detailed and clear comments against my assignments is a tremendous help in my understanding of how I can improve what I do. Stan is a number one facilitator and an excellent one to one tutor. I am looking forward to his help in future.”
Stuart Withington

“This course is excellent; the instructions for each assignment are clear and concise, with examples that show exactly how the techniques described should be applied. The Feedback is always helpful and prompt in its delivery.
Since starting this course, I have entered a local painting and drawing competition, my first entry into such a competition, and have received a commendation for my entered work.
As a seafarer I find the course structure is suited to working as and when time is available,I am currently waiting to return to sea and I intend to continue this course whilst on board my next ship.”
Seonaid Maclennan

“I am really enjoying doing online art study with Pete Stanyer. I have completed level 1 and am now on level 2. I have learnt a huge amount from the assignments, trying techniques and media that I would never have done on my own. It has been a great pleasure to follow the clear instructions and discover what I can produce – a real learning journey. Pete always gives really speedy feedback and is so helpful and positive. I would highly recomment these courses.”
Debbie Parker

“I am really enjoying the learning experience of the level one work. I think that, from a learning perspective, the idea of producing a collage, then copying it for the first painting with colour, tone and texture in mind, is a fantastic idea.”
Stuart Withington

“Well this experience learning drawin has been amazing, fantastic and enjoyable experience in my entire life, I’m original from Colombia, my husband is original from Southampton Uk. we are living in Dhahran Saudia Arabia. Always I believed I can not drawin always I said that After taking this art portfolio Just I star develop my habilities and my feelings is grown up confidente, relax with the pappers sizes Mr. Stan has been so kind with hes apreciation about my first drawin in my entire life. He always is positive and make me more confident. I really Really will recoment people in my country and here take classes with Mr. Stan online. (Sorry about my mistake try write english because my maternal language is spanish).”
Maria Bolivar

“A fantastic course! After wanting to learn to draw for so many years I decided to choose an online course and was delighted to find Peter Stanyer. He is an inspiring and enthusiastic teacher whose clear and step by step instruction has helped to increase my confidence in my own abilities and creativity. I cannot recommend this course and Stan highly enough.”

“I’ve always been interested in drawing and Art since I was really small. However I didn’t get the chance to study it to a higher level than O level and even when I was working full time, only did a few evening courses , as my main career took up all of my time.
Anyway when I retired I kept meaning to get on with it, but wasn’t sure whether to do a weekly class or something at home.
I read about the taster course offered by Draw and Paint online, in a magazine and after a few months ventured to do it!!
The course was really good and went through some basic techniques without being boring (as I have to say some intro courses are!)
The feedback was really quick and very encouraging
so after another couple of months I embarked on the level one beginners’ course part A.
I have found it very interesting but not too easy, as I know I have to learn new techniques, but this is what I would expect with my level of experience.
Stan’s feedback and helpfulness has been great and has motivated me to go on to the next assignment each time.
I’ve been especially surprised that I can actually do this fairly well after all these years! I’ll be doing part B soon.
This course is ideal for others like me who always wanted to do Art but were not sure where to start after many years of doing other things.
The online thing is really flexible and all the materials and requirements etc are sent with each assignment, even simple stuff that I would never have thought about but that I need to know.
Also I don’t have to travel miles in the evening to do a class and lug all my paraphernalia on the bus!
I hope this will encourage others to have a go!”
Judy Parker

“I have really enjoyed doing the online course and have learnt loads from it – Have now enrolled on a Foundation in Art & Design. I was able to use my online assignments as a portfolio to take for the foundation course. The Tutor was impressed with the variety of work that I had covered on the online course and thought it had been really good preparation – thanks Stan.”
Debbie Parker

“I cannot praise Stan’s tuition highly enough. From someone who was scared to put pencil to paper, I have completed level 1 and I’m now having a wonderful time working through level 2 and only wish I had found Stan earlier! Stan continuously pushes me out of my comfort zone, challenging me to look and observe properly whilst equipping me with many new skills and techniques in drawing and painting. I am producing work that I never thought I was capable of and it still amazes me. Thank you Stan for all your advice and words of encouragement.”

“The follow on Level Two course from the Level One course continues to be a structured learning process full of surprises. Each exercise reveals different techniques in drawing and painting. They add knowledge about how to do things and confidence to develop ones own creativity. A year ago my painting and drawing was a private affair and still is to some extent. However, now, I am quite content to show my pictures to anyone who wants to look at them. My biggest surprise is that three of my pictures have been accepted to hang on the walls of our town’s annual exhibition. The acrylic painting was judged to be best in the novices’ category. I thank Stan for these surprises!”
Stuart Withington

“I’m currently working my way through the port-folio course. It’s the second online course I’ve taken in the last 12 months and I wish it had been my first. The assignments are easy to follow, come complete with examples for reference and are interesting to work through. Stan is ever present with his attention and guidance – The assignment critiques are filled with encouragement and relevant comments.
Stan, as a tutor, provides a dialogue which is important as online courses can feel isolating.”

“I’m still crawling along at my own pace on the port-folio course! Stan hasn’t tired yet of reassuring me when I’ve hit the mark and/or pointing out very simply what I could have done better. It’s lovely to face an assignment set without the anxiety of doing it right or wrong – still very enjoyable; learning instead of worrying!”

“Stan, Crystal is delighted with the offer from Goldsmiths BA design course. She already accepted it. Looking back from Feb we luckily found you to May now, Crystal has great improvement in her skill and particularly in her confidence. We know she can’t do that without your help. We are all very grateful in our hearts.”
Reginia Chung

“Good afternoon Stan
Many thanks for your comments on the seascape painting which were as usual informative and helpful for future work. Painting for Leisure has been a great experience for me and I can’t wait to do more work. I cannot say that I will specialise in anything particular but I will work on Seascape painting and practice with the paint brushes. I visited an exhibition in Lausanne this summer where there were fine displays of American pre expressionist Troumpe L’oeil paintings. The Winchester Art Club runs a drawing competition alongside its annual exhibition, so I thought I would grab the competitive spirit and attempt a troumpe L’oeil pencil drawing, given your advice on creating such drawing. I thought that you would be interested to see it. At some point I will try to paint it. Now that will be a challenge for me.
Many thanks”
Stuart Withington

“I have yet to come across a course (despite my Royal College of Art Masters Degree) that can supersede the thorough and illuminating experience I encountered under the supervision of Peter Stanyer’s teaching. The courses were well structured and covered a wide range of ideas and techniques which were always inspiring and always created more than satisfactory results. This equipped students with an invaluable, fantastic and transformative experience, which in my honest opinion, was second to none. You will not be disappointed.”
Renate Manua – MA rca

“I was 60 when I first participated in Peter Stanyer’s Painting and drawing courses. These courses I have found to be most enjoyable and informative, taking me through many techniques of drawing and painting. Over the courses, we built a good body of work. These courses developed gradually my skills not just with drawing and painting but also in the context of looking at other artists both past and present.

“Peter’s courses gave me the confidence in what I was doing. He also encouraged me to apply for an HND course in Fine Art, which I did, and successfully completed this year. It’s never too late to learn.”
Katherine Eidson

“I want to say that – ‘If it wasn’t for Peter Stanyer’s courses I wouldn’t be where I am today’ – but that would sound dreadfully cheesy, however it’s true.
The courses were very well structured and informative. Expert guidance was always at hand. This was perfect preparation for further study and it enabled me to build a portfolio in order to progress to a degree in Fine Art at the Chelsea School of Art and Design”
Christine Stark

“Whilst fun and entertaining, the course also developed my drawing skills by gradually introducing new techniques and approaches in manageable stages. It eventually encouraged an individual style that I wasn’t aware I was capable of.”
Peter Bottomley

“This course taught me to no longer be afraid of putting “pencil” to paper. It turned me from a coward into a confident learner!”
Ruth Marns

“The painting and drawing course was such a turning point for me. It really made me get to grips with, not only new skills in drawing and painting, but how to look and observe properly.

”Peter Stanyer’s teaching was truly excellent, a skilled master and a jolly good laugh with it!

“I do not know where I would be today without that course but I certainly wouldn’t have got into Glasgow School of Art. It has changed my future and I am so grateful for it.”
Louise Lockhart

“In 2006/7 I attended the City & Guilds painting and drawing course that Peter Stanyer ran. Although I had done a lot of drawing previously, I was keen to explore new ways of working and I was not disappointed. Under Peter’s gentle but firm tuition I was pushed out of my ‘comfort zone’ and found myself producing confident work that I never thought I was capable of, and that really stretched me. His perceptive guidance has enabled me to go on to develop my work in new directions.”
Nancy Stedman

“I am now in the final year of my BA Course and these courses have helped me enormously in my own personal development and creativity.

“The courses are well structured and very enjoyable. I have learned a lot about the skills and techniques of drawing and painting. The courses have given me confidence to progress to a BA course.”
Michael McCartney

“During my City & Guilds life drawing painting course I found Peter Stanyer to be a very helpful & knowledgeable tutor, who always ensured that I fully understood the techniques of drawing and painting. He continuously coached me with my own ideas and styles which has given me more confidence.”
Sarah Clift

“Peter Stanyer is an exceptional art tutor. Following his well structured and creative course I gained real understanding of some of the most important and fundamental aspects of drawing and painting, truly inspirational.”
Lesley Fallais

“Peter Stanyer offers engaging, friendly and helpful advice that really helped me to develop my drawing skills in a relaxed but constructive atmosphere. The range and quality of the work produced with Peter became a large and valuable area of my art and design portfolio. The work I produced in Peter’s classes definitely helped me to get into my first choice University, on a competitive course that normally requires an Art Foundation Degree.”
Joseph Harlow
Now studying Character Creation (BA Hons) at University of Hertfordshire
Completed Drawing and Painting levels 1 & 2 with Peter Stanyer

“Before I settled on a Journalism degree, I applied for an Art Foundation course at Bradford College, and also a series of graphic design courses at various Universities. I found that my life-drawing classes with Peter provided me with a portfolio of work which set me apart from other candidates. I was successful in all my applications, despite not having the Art Foundation degree normally required. Peter is always happy to offer constructive and friendly advice, taking an interest in all his students work (including work produced outside of his classes) and helping each student develop their own personal strengths and weaknesses. The skills I learned in his classes also helped towards the work I was producing in my A level art, by developing my observational skills.”
Lucy Riding
Now studying-Journalism (BA Hons) at University of Sunderland
Completed Painting and Drawing levels 1 & 2 with Peter Stanyer.

“Peter Stanyer is an exemplary teacher. He inspires, encourages, and teaches by presenting a step by step series of seemingly simple visual challenges. These provide the leaner with the basic techniques and skills which inspires confidence and at the same time brings success for the student.”
Anne Heath

“A friendly and encouraging class. Peter has enabled me to try new skills and techniques, and I am amazed at the works that I have been able to produce! Good fun.”

“If like me you would like to learn to draw and paint properly,take a course from this site. I can’t believe how much I have learned and achieved in such a short time.Great fun to do and really good value for money.”
Lorna Holden

“I was introduced to Stan and his Artworks programme through a mentoring scheme for artists. The programme has made a profound impact on my art by pushing the boundaries of my existing art practices.”

“Thanks to Mr.Peter Stanyer he s a perfect tutor.The lessons are very well explained and with examples and very easy to follow which lead you how to learn how to draw in short time and besides that you don’t realize that you have that potential .He’s there to help you and encourage you.I think the course is good valve and worth trying it.It s really fun and you have alot to explore.This is the best couse I have taken.”
Maria Pirrone

“The portfolio building course has been truly inspirational. I’ve really enjoyed every assignment. The assignments are easy to follow and Stan is a fantastic tutor, he’s so supportive and is always happy to help. I now feel confident to present my portfolio to university lectures. I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Stan for all of your help and support. I had my university interview yesterday and have been given a place at DMU starting next year! Thank you so so much, I could not have done this without you! I highly recommend the portfolio course.
Thank you”
Claire Sherriff

This article on Draw and Paint Online was in Woman and Home Magazine

“- What is your full name, location, age, occupation?
My name is Susan Moody, I’m from Northern Ireland, 38 years old and am a
Civil Servant by occupation.

– How did you come across the website? What made you join? What were you hoping to get from it?

I began dabbling with art in January 2008, having been encouraged by my artist Father I began by doing some sketching and painting in my spare time. Previously, my experience with art was virtually non existent, it was limited to early school lessons that I didn’t do very well with!
To begin with I have been self taught, using dedicated art books, studying established artist’s style and experimenting with different mediums. I then decided that I was treading water as far as advancement was concerned and I
needed to find some direction as well as improving my skills. I wanted to get some help from a professional and I am not in a position to attend day classes, which would be all that is available in my area, so I decided to try the internet. I felt that I wanted initially improve on sketching skills, so I used a computer search engine using this criteria to find out
what correspondence courses were out there. I came across Peter Stanyer’s website called ‘Draw and Paint Online’ and investigated it to see what he had on offer.

– How does it work? Was it easy to use and work out?
The website is very easy to navigate, and contains the answers to the questions that I had built up. There are various clearly labeled menu
headings contained within the home page. These lead you to a full description of each of the courses as well as information regarding Peter
Stanyer’s credentials and artistic background, and work by Peter and students, among other useful and essential information. I was encouraged by the professional but warm and welcoming feeling provided by the website.
The narratives describing each of the courses are well laid out, and I found them to flow logically and informatively. From the information that I
gained from the website, I was totally steered in the direction that I felt I needed to be advancing towards. Contact details are also listed on the website which enabled me to phone Peter Stanyer and speak directly with him. Peter was great to speak with and this built on the information that I had already gained from the website and confirmed the decision I had already
made, which was to study with Peter.

– What have you gained from joining? How have you benefited from the site? How often do you go on it?
I required a direction to work towards with my art, which I wasn’t able to get from reading and studying books alone. There were also so many
inevitable gaps in my self teaching, which I needed to fill in and couldn’t do alone. By joining up for a full course with Draw and Paint online, I have found myself advancing to a pleasing level of artistic skill as well as
finding the much needed direction that I was looking for. Additionally, I have found that Peter has allowed me to work at a rate that is proving to suit my needs personally.
Peter, who has a teaching background, has put together the course that I am currently completing in a way that makes absolute sense to me. Each lesson/assignment builds on the one previous, and the whole course is flowing in what feels to me to be a natural way of progression. Following submission of each assignment, I have received constructive and helpful feedback from Peter. If he feels that I need to repeat a part of an assignment, he isn’t afraid to say so and to tell me why! I feel that Peter Stanyer is really engaging with me as well as teaching me. I am well and truly getting my monies worth from the course tuition.

I would go onto the website occasionally in order to view the work of previous students, especially when I am running up against a brick wall with
ideas. This is extremely helpful – being able to see how previous students interpreted the assignments.
– Why and to who would you recommend the site? (Any special features of the website you’d like to mention).

One of the special services that Peter Stanyer offers is the opportunity to complete a Taster Lesson that costs £10. This offers a potential student the chance to try out an assignment without committing to more expense with a longer course. This is what I did initially. I had reservations in relation to carrying out a correspondence course with art work. I really
wasn’t sure if I would benefit from this experience. I couldn’t have been more wrong, I was thrilled with the feedback that I received from Peter. I felt that he had actually studied the work that I submitted and his commentary was very relevant to my work and what he felt that I needed to improve on. I was so impressed that I signed up straight away for the Beginners Leisure Art Course which I am now about half way through. There is no doubt that Peter’s attitude, which is full of enthusiasm and
encouragement, has made me put my heart and soul into the work that I submit.
Although I can only comment through experience about the beginners Leisure Art Course, I would recommend this website to anyone who would like to improve on and build their artistic skills, and to those who aren’t in a position to avail of personal tuition through local courses. I really don’t feel I could have got any more from attending a class in person.”
Susan Moody

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